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Faulkton Area Schools

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Work in Progress

Additional work for beginning the academic component for an ED. D. degree has begun as of May of 2006.  I anticipate adding work into the website as my coursework progresses.  I anticipate completing the coursework and dissertation by the spring of 2011.

Doctorate in Education


Educational Specialist

Completed May 2003

This portfolio is designed to demonstrate my growth as a scholar and technology advocate during my program of study as an Educational Specialist in Technology Training and Development at The University of South Dakota .  I have included samples of my work completed during my course of study as well as projects I have completed during my first term as a Superintendent/CEO of the Faulkton School District.

My portfolio is broken into six separate component elements. The sections are described as follows.

1. Statement of Goals and Philosophy: This section will develop my own beliefs about education and technology. I will also provide evidence of my professional growth through a resume.

2. Instructional Systems and Learning Development: In this section I will develop and provide evidence of my ability to serve as an instructional leader and technology advocate.

3. Technology Management:  In this section I will provide evidence of my ability to effectively manage and lead a school district's use of technology to improve teaching and learning.

4. Organizational Leadership: In this section I will demonstrate my ability to serve as an effective leader with a vision for the future.

5. Evaluation and Research: In this section I will demonstrate my ability to use a data-driven decision making style of proactive leadership.

6. Student-Designed: In this section I will highlight my work as Superintendent of the Faulkton Area School District and how my coursework has enabled me to be an effective advocate for children. 

The following website links are other areas if interest for me as a scholar and technology leader.

Superintendent of Schools

Faulkton School District 24-4

FIRST Robotics

TTD Education Specialist Program

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